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Secure Programming

This video might be of  interest for those companies or individuals who would like to have someone else build and program their product.  When you hand over your .hex file to some contract manufacturer, despite contractual and legal protections against them ripping off your intellectual property, it creates an opportunity that you might want to protect yourself against.  I suspect that it isn’t necessary for most people but I thought I share it anyway.

Beginners Guide to Embedded C Programming Volume 3 is Launched!

We here at Raw Micro are big fans of Chuck Hellebuyck who has been educating people about Programming Micros for many years.  He just recently published his third book in a series about Programming in Hi-Tech C.  If you ever wanted to do embedded programming on a PIC, you want to start by reading Chuck’s books.  Chuck is more interested in teaching you the how and why of embedded programming than many of the “experts” out there.  These self described “experts” are only interested in showing you how much they know.   Many of us have been in a class with a teacher who is only interestind in impressing the class with their massive knowledge.  They don’t teach us anything!!!  Chuck is the teacher you want when it comes to this stuff.  He makes it simple and brings many years of industry experience with him.

We are pleased to be able to offer his newest release here at RawMicro.com.  Check it out HERE.