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Flowcode PWM with Microchip PIC

I’m trying to get back in the swing of producing videos. here’s my latest stab at showing you how to generate PWM signals with your Microchip PIC and Flowcode. As always, when I watch these I wished that I had added a few things as well as pulled a couple of things out. But that’s my nature and what holds me back from posting more. I’m trying to get over it…lol.

Microchip Masters 2011

I just noticed that Microchip has announced the dates of their annual Masters conference.  If you work in the field of embedded electronics, you should start talking to your boss about letting you go to this conference.  I’ve been several times and I recommend it.  Yeah, it loaded with geeks but hey, who doesn’t love a geek?

If you need to get up to speed on some of the basics, be sure to plan on attending the preconference.  This’ll get you in good shape for classes in the main conference.  The evenings are pretty fun too because the hotel has entertainment everynight and plenty of pools to choose from.


MPLAB XFor those of you who like to be on the bleeding edge of development tools, I’ve just learned that you can download the beta version of MPLAB X HERE.  MPLAB X will run on PC’s, Mac, and Linux and uses the NetBeans framework.  What does that have to do with Raw Micro?  Hey, you can use MPLAB X to develop you code for the CHIPINO.  That’s one of the wonderful things about the CHIPINO.  You can use the tools you feel the most comfortable with.

Setting up Flowcode to work with your CHIPINO

In order to get your Flowcode to work with your CHIPINO you’ll need to make a couple of adjustments to the project options and Chip settings in Flowcode.  This is really easy to do and will only take a moment at the beginning of each project.  If you do what I do, you usually open an existing project and save it as a new one and your setup is already done.  But still, you need to do this the first time as well as know how to change the settings in the event you want a different chip in your CHIPINO.  Yes!  You can change out the chip that comes with it and exchange for another Microchip 28ld PDIP.   That’s one of the really cool things about working with both CHIPINO and Flowcode, everythings is pretty darn simple and flexible.

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