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So what’s a CHIPINO?

The CHIPINOOk, let’s talk a little CHIPINO.  What the heck is this thing you ask?  According to the developer over at Brockway Engineering it’s …

…an electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, students, technicians, engineers and anyone else interested in creating interactive gadgets.

Well, that’s pretty cool but you probably want a little more detail than that.  The CHIPINO is an option to consider if you’re interested in what the Arduino can do but you’re more of a PIC person.  The Arduino is built on the Atmel microcontroller while the CHIPINO is built around a Microchip PIC.  It comes with a 28 lead PDIP PIC16F886 onboard but you can change that out for other 28 lead 8bit PIC.  The CHIPINO has the pins brought out to the edge of the board in an Arudino style arrangement.  In fact, you can even use Arduino sheilds on the CHIPINO.

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Hello World for the PICKit 2

If you need a little help getting your PicKit 2TM LED’s to blink, here’s a little program that will get you started. You’ll see after you run it that I’ve toggled all 4 of the LED’s in two different sequences. You can play with the different outputs and durations to get familiar with how this is done in C. I’m using PICC Lite here so don’t forget to “include” the pic.h file into MPLABTM, otherwise it won’t work.
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