Flowcode / CHIPINO Video Introduction Tutorial

Hey folks, quick video tutorial on getting your CHIPINO working with Flowcode.   This is the first video I have ever made in my life so please take it easy on me!  I’m planning on doing more in the future and hopefully with a little practice they’ll get better.

2 Responses to “Flowcode / CHIPINO Video Introduction Tutorial”

  • Jonathan Richard:

    Hey, great video — just what I was looking for! I earlier today bought Flowcode 4 and a Chipino (didn’t know about your website-sorry!). I especially like the tip that once the PIC has been programmed, it can be taken off of the Chipino and used in an embedded project.


    • Rich:

      Thanks. I was working on another video for interfacing with a TC77 temperature sensor but there ended up being alot of C code that it wasn’t a great example of Flowcode in action. Maybe I’ll just do one that shows how to grab the information over the SPI bus with Flowcode. Anyhoo, just thinking out loud. Thanks again!