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  • sandy:

    Hi all

    I have never written aprogram before BUT have now done so in the free version pf Flowcode 3. I am about to purchase pickit2 to program a 16f88.

    Am i on the correct path for a 61 year old? or what do you recommend?


    • Rich:

      Yep, you’re on the right path! Flowcode is a great way to get something up and running quickly. If you want more flexibility I recommend Chuck Hellebuyck’s books on Programming in C using the Hi-Tech compiler. You’ll need the PicKit 2 you already bought, MPLAB (free) and the Hi-Tech compiler which has a free version. Chuck’s books are written for people getting started and if you have any trouble getting set up, you can email him and he’ll get you straightened out. You can get Chucks books on Amazon or from his website


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